Our approach is to take audiences into varied and untraveled terrain--always at street level, from the story of five Afghan women who are determined to transform their survival skills into flourishing businesses, or a little known Portuguese community in the vibrant heart of Newark, New Jersey, to the more subtle psychological ground of an unfulfilled woman.  We see big stories in the often overlooked dramas of everyday life.


Thread is like being dropped through the headlines into the

obscure lives of five Afghan women.  They beat the odds.

They started businesses.  They came to New York.  They

returned to the fire.  These courageous women put an indelible

personal face on the fight for freedom in Afghanistan.


Ironbound Ties to Portugal 
Ironbound Ties to Portugal delves into the vibrant Portuguese community of the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey, exploring the ties to the old country, the second-generation dilution of the culture, and the tensions created by the influx of Brazilian immigrants.
  • Nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Emmy
  • Distributed on the APTV Network and aired in 150- 200 mark


Girlie is a short film adaptation of the feature film screenplay, Snake, written by Laurie Chock about a woman who feels trapped in her life and the destruction she leaves in the wake of her narcissistic unhappiness.   Snake was awarded Winner, 1st place, 2001 Written Image Award, presented jointly by Lakeshore Entertainment and Columbia College.